London craft brewery, Beavertown, has teamed up with chef and author Richard Turner to create a collaborative IPA, Canned Rations.

The idea for the new beer came about when Turner – founder of Pitt Cue Co., Hawksmoor and Blacklock – met Beavertown head honcho Logan Plant. After going through Turner’s latest cookbook, Prime, they fell upon his recipe for British Army Ration Pack Curry – and decided to make the perfect accompaniment in the form of an IPA – a beer coveted by British troops in India during the days of Empire.

Canned Rations features all natural ingredients, and offers a crisp and refreshing pour thanks to citra hop notes and a healthy dose of Indian spices. The can features signature illustrations by Nick Dwyer, and will launch as part of a limited run at Beavertown Brewery on June 29.